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Carb load and do some deep warm-up stretches, because it is going to be an extremely long run.

Tempo Intervals

  • The way I see it, this blog is just my personal journal. Whatever you’re going to read here is just a written documentary about one person chasing one goal. A blog about a girl, running 80 long distance races around the world. I don’t think of it as a traveling blog, nor do I think it is strictly a running blog. It is just me sharing my experiences with anyone who is curious enough to read them.

  • However! I will write here a lot about running, both on the races themselves and on everything that comes before picking up that bib number. I will also write here quite a bit about my traveling, both on the places I visit themselves and on everything that comes before downloading that boarding pass.

  • Inevitably I’m going to write some reviews and recommendations, from my go to gear to the badass training program I follow. However, I’m not a tester. I’m a user, just like you, so I’ll only review things that I regularly use (and not just test) and that I’ve paid for myself.

  • No blog can come without a disclaimer, so here it goes: everything I write here should be taken as my personal experience, and nothing more. Use this blog for inspiration, motivation, suggestions and recommendations, not for professional advice. Advise with some advisors for that, even before purchasing your running shoes.

long run

I’m gonna make an educated guesstimate: you didn’t get here by googling “best relaxing luxury vacations around the world”. I feel like your edges are rougher than that, aren’t they? But more than it (it being the probable way in which this page found his way to your screen) teaches me about your traveling style or vacation plans, the fact that you are here reading this teaches me a lot about your mental state. I mean, let's face it, you are probably crazy. Crazy long distance runner. No judgment here, my mental state is just as compromised.

Well, in light of your borderline insanity, I now know you can endure months and even years of working toward your goals. So I believe it is safe for me to assume that you get the fact that some of the best things in life take a while to achieve. This is just the way us distance runners are built. I know you get it. But man, what a long run you are in for with this blog… 80 long distance races around the world will literally take me years, and not like just a couple of years, we are talking about the several level. It’s going to take me several years. At least. But you get it, so I don’t need to apologize, I just need to actually do it. However long it may take.

Not too long after I decided to go on this adventure around the world I found that research have shown that the act of sharing your goals, no matter with who, increases the chances of you following through. I’m a very big believer of science, so I’m using this platform to share my intentions. I think that accountability for my progress, during this long distance challenge I took upon myself, is possibly the main reason for me to write this blog (I go a bit deeper about it here). But also, what else can I do with all extra time and energy I have on rest days? It’s not easy to just rest.

So if you’ll wander around this blog you’ll find everything that comes with my ongoing chase after this goal. My successes and my failures. The obstacles, which are a natural part of this long road, and the lessons I’ve learned thanks to them. In this blog I’ll write about it all: training, eating, sleeping, thinking, planning, packing, vacationing, tapering, carb loading, racing, a ton of post-race eating, recovering and of course repeating it all. With a smile on my face and a messy hair on my head. It’s the traveler runner’s cycle of life.

This blog will also include my tips, reviews, recommendations and warnings about things that I use or do throughout this journey. Both for the body and the soul. Both for training back home and for racing abroad. I’ll write about anything that I found useful, based on my personal experience, so you probably won’t find “top 5 hydration packs for women” kind of posts here, because I do not use 5 different types of packs, I use only one. I’m a regular user, just like you, and I pay for what I use, just like you. No special treatments for me! FYI- I’ll remain anonymous throughout this journey, I believe that it will help me be as honest as possible when sharing my experiences, and will allow me to stay unbiased with my recommendations.

As you might have read about me here, this is not my daytime job. This is my passion, my very demanding hobby, both physically, emotionally, mentally and financially. With the physical part I’ll just have to deal with on my own. But the fact that you're here, reading this, will help push me through the mental and emotional setbacks. Your comments, likes and shares will also be a great boost. And if you enjoy this blog, and want to support it financially in some way, I want you to know that I am going to post affiliate links to things that I consider my must haves. I'll mark the affiliate links clearly with #affiliate right next to them, so you'd know I might get compensated when you click them (for example, as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases made with those links). If you find the affiliate links relevant to you, please go ahead and click them! It would really help me keep this craziness going.

One more thing, if you are interested in long distance running, if you want to sign up for a race (even if it is not half way around the world), please advise with professionals. Speak with your doctor, talk to a trainer, a nutritionist, a homeopathic therapist, a whatever other professional you believe will help you (I’m not any of those). Just do it. I did it, and continue doing it, because our health (as long distance runners and even as normal people, which are not crazy enough to run marathons over and over again) is the most important thing after all.

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